good riddance

Nighttime Sky by Shirley Lin Schneider
Nighttime Sky by Shirley Lin Schneider

One night in November, Dan and I had tears in our eyes laughing about what our 2014 year in review would look like if we typed it up as we did last year

January: We are absolutely certain our adopted sons will come home this year

March: An ER trip due to a “migraine” ends in a tumor diagnosis and brain surgery for Natalie

Also March: Traumatized by being away from us, Oscar starts pooping in the house again

April: Now Natalie’s mom has a brain tumor

June: We eat a lot of fast food and spend a lot of time a) watching TV or b) laying at the Y pool instead of working out

July: On a layover in Baltimore, Natalie freaks out, convinced our plane will crash, and suggests we drive to Maine (It did not, and we did not)

September: Everyone thinks our children will come home this month, but they do not

November: We gain back nearly all the weight we lost doing Whole 30

December: Oscar is still pooping in the house, and our sons are still not home

So, yeah, no traditional year in review timeline in the mail or on my blog this year. This year was so not ideal, I was attempted to deviate from the traditional homemade HAPPY NEW YEAR banner for a GOOD RIDDANCE banner.

And goodness gracious, I’m just not in to talking about goals anymore. Blog five times a week? Make more money? Train for a marathon? Cook farm-to-table meals for my family? (I’m a little feisty today. I just cleaned up another dog poop in the house incident.)

I want to just live deeply and expectantly this year. It’s going to be a day in, day out, ever-evolving mission. It will likely be tripped up by challenges not even yet on my radar. And still, still He is good. And still I have so much joy about this past year and the year to come. 

So, Happy New Year? Good Riddance? I don’t know. But at least it’s now 2015.

  • I appreciate your candor + honesty, friend! I’m sorry this year was so…”meh.” I’ve always thought Auld Lang Syne was a bittersweet song and I kind of felt that way about New Year’s Eve. I’m thankful for a fresh start, too.

    • I think the writer of that song must have had a deep understanding about how life just goes. much to be joyful about still! I have to say your friendship was a highlight of this past year! 🙂

  • Ugh. I can relate. Not to any particular item on the list, but yesterday I just wanted the day to slip by and not spend time reflecting on the year and also didn’t know where to start with goals for the future. 2014 was not the year I wanted. Or it was the year I wanted at the beginning, but then nothing happened the way I hoped it would and more things that I would never want to happen did. It’s time for 2015. Halleluiah.

    • the whole holiday season slipped by for me for little reflection… I regret it a bit, but not totally. a friend recently encouraged me to “just take the next step,” and I’ve been dwelling on that!

  • Cheers to 2015 making up for all of that junk.

  • Ali Wren

    Thank God for a new year. I love your sentence: And I still have so much joy about this past year and the year to come. Amen, Natalie. Amen.

    • man, already having to remind me of myself that of that truth several times today! there is always reason for joy as a follower of Christ.

  • your honesty is refreshing and i think we can all connect to it in some degrees. you have definitely been tried this year…but i am looking forward to following you and hoping that 2015 is much, much better! i love your resolve to live expectantly 🙂

    • hi, Taylor! I think I didn’t realize how miserable the year had been until others pointed it out to me… and I think they were pointing it out, because they connected to it, too! thanks for visiting + nice to “meet” you!

  • MeandMySoldierMan

    Man, I feel this so much. Just the idea of making yet another list of pie-in-the-sky goals I probably won’t achieve is exhausting. Live deeply and expectantly. That’s all you really need, anyway.

    • I was so frustrated at the thought of making goals, this sentiment just came to me as I thought as generally as possible. I hope I manage to mostly do so!

  • I admire your honesty, as well as your desire to “live deeply and expectantly.” 2014 was a difficult year in many ways for my husband and I (though it contained joyful moments as well)–I think we too are looking forward to hitting refresh on the calendar. I wish you much peace, renewal, and many blessings this year.

    • I’m sorry to hear 2014 was difficult for you, too, but cheers to a better 2015!