brain tumor: one year ago tonight

11041225_10205293835923630_7005943349345435408_oA year ago tonight, my husband + I went out to eat at a new Mexican spot. I had a headache before we left, and by the time we sat down, parts of the menu looked fuzzy. It got way worse, and I felt nauseous.

We drove home and tried to watch Jeopardy, but I couldn’t watch and laid down upstairs. Half my face became numb as it had earlier in the week. Because I had experienced these same symptoms two days before, Dan said we needed to go to the ER if it didn’t go away by 10p. Our favorite Jeopardy contestant lost, and my symptoms didn’t get better, so we went.Dan called ahead to his coworkers to see if they could see me quickly, and they did. The symptoms went away, but the doctor felt they should still do a CAT scan to rule out something more than a complex migraine.

The CAT scan showed a large mass in my right frontal lobe. I have never seen a more fearful look on Dan’s face… We had serious conversations about cancer and death while waiting. The neurosurgeon came in to tell me I would have surgery two days later. I was sick with fear during those days of waiting. But surgery was successful, and the tumor was 100% benign! I fell more in love with my husband that night and trusted in my God in ways I had never experienced.

Last night, we went with our sweet baby boy to that same restaurant. We laughed and smiled and held hands and enjoyed good food + drink.

Have I told you I believe God is always good? He is.

Sometimes He takes us through miserable experiences. Sometimes we may not learn the purpose of those miserable experiences during our time on Earth. But sometimes we get a pretty good idea. I think this was that. 


  • Jazz Eisinger

    Natalie, I remember being so scared for you when you posted about the tumor and the surgery last year, and I’m so thankful that God has seen your family through a few tough twists and turns to where you are now. Thank you for sharing your story so that we can praise God with you!

    • thanks for praising Him with us! it is crazy to consider that experience now. glad it’s over, but happy for how it grew me!

  • MeandMySoldierMan

    Amazing. I’m glad to read this now. They found a brain tumor in our little niece last week and we’re still waiting for the biopsy results. God is good. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • That is so unbelievable that it was just a year ago! Look at all that God has guided you through in this last year 🙂