unexpected new worlds of motherhood

I have a new baby. Three primary thoughts have been: 1) I need more sleep than this. 2) We have so much junk. 3) Why aren’t affordable baby clothes cuter? 

IMG_14221) Milo’s birth mom told us he was waking up five to six times a night. After his first night with us in Utah, he was waking up three times. After his first night in his crib at home, he was waking up once. Then we got the genius idea that maybe he could sleep through the night! I skimmed Babywise, but it was a lot of information, and there are aspects of it (cry-it-out!) that are not good options for us. I joined a Babywise Mamas Facebook group to figure out alternatives while still keeping the aspects that work well for us… and whoa. The acronyms. LO, DWT, EWS. What are these? Why is that it mothers and gamers seem to be the primary users of acronyms in online forums? So strange. New world.

IMG_15332) There have been a few things we’ve mean to sell for quite some time. And then we added a baby and his needed items (which we’ve really kept to a minimum), and suddenly everything I saw in our home looked like something I could sell. A friend recommended two local Facebook groups for selling and buying used items, and I joined. I’ve felt uneasy about Craigslist lately after a strange email exchange when attempting to buy a stroller. These Facebook groups are a whole new world of selling and buying things I was certain would need to end up at Goodwill. More acronyms here, too. NWT, EUC, GUC. What? New world.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset3) Generally, I like to dress Milo like a smaller version of my husband with some added quirkiness. (I would love to see Dan in a pair of Little Hip Squeaks sweatpants and Freshly Picked moccasins!) Our friends and family have been very kind to compliment his wardrobe, and I have very much enjoyed picking out little outfits. The cute stuff is so dang expensive. I could act like I just realized this, but no, I realized this when I started “nesting” for Theo and Elliot’s arrival 2.5 years ago. Back then I bought clothes for them at full price. But recently I discovered the world of used kids’ clothes. Nearly everything we have for Milo was gifted, won in a giveaway, bought used, or bought new at a majorly discounted price. The best spots I’ve found for used clothes are Once Upon A Child (store chain), Kidizen (app), and thredUP (website + app — get $10 to spend using that link!). It is my great joy to spend an hour digging through the 3-6 month and 2T + 3T boys racks looking for good, cute, used clothes for my boys. New world. 

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  • Margaret

    Oooh thanks for the rec on cute kids clothes!

  • Ashley Gray

    I totally get you on cute boy clothes being expensive. I love some of the smocked outfits but I can’t see myself paying $60 for something he’ll wear only a few times. I’m a big fan of consignment stores. Do you have a Rhea Lana sale near you? Between Rhea Lana and another consignment sale, I got Matthew’s complete spring/summer wardrobe for less than $200- including some bigger size things for the fall- including one of those smocked outfits for $15!

  • V. Lyons

    He’s precious! Also, I know you probably get TONS of unwanted baby advice from unexperienced sources and here I go with absolutely NO baby experience – but I read on another blog about this Babywise study. Personally, I’m all for whatever works when I have a kid but thought I’d share in case you hadn’t heard of it. Hope you get more sleep soon and congrats again! 🙂 http://aapnews.aappublications.org/content/14/4/21.abstract

    • thanks! I have seen that study, as well… keeping an eye on all that, but right now he’s at the top of the charts for weight, and we feed him toward the top of what is recommended for his weight 🙂 thanks for sharing it!

      • V. Lyons

        Yeah, I thought after posting, duh, her husband is a MD and I’m sure she’s seen that but thought it would be weird if I posted and deleted so… 🙂 So sorry if that came across as a totally inexperienced person telling you what to do. Had literally just read about that and thought oh I’ll share without really thinking it through.

        • it’s seriously a good reminder, though! and I want to give a balanced view of Babywise if I ever recommend it to otherwise. my husband isn’t a peds expert either 🙂

  • We were all about scheduling & sleep training (kiddos are 6 & 4), but didn’t like the cry-it-out aspect of Babywise. We ended up using Baby Whisperer and LOVED it. Very similar in scheduling, but more about sleep training with parent participation & at an age appropriate level. We have two amazing sleepers now. I’d recommend the reference style book (The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems).

    • requested this at the library! thanks for the recommendation!

    • Kristin, the book came in, and it’s great! I love that it has the aspects of Babywise that we were using plus a more involved approach for parents. thanks for recommending!

      • I’m so glad you are finding it helpful, Natalie! Sleep is VERY important to us. And the marriage building and sustaining that comes for us with an early bedtime for our kids. We’re trying to wrap our brains around what it will be like to bring home an adopted toddler in the near future – we know the whole sleep thing might not go as easily and textbook-like as with our biological babies!

  • valerie sobus

    oh girl, i feel you on the cute clothes dilemma! pre-baby i was willing to dish out money for full priced anything that was adorable. now after seeing how quickly he grows out of things (not to mention how there’s a 99.9% chance he will spit up on something cute the second i put it on him) we are more than content with hand-me-downs. and luckily my best friend’s baby boy is 9 months older than mine, so looks like i’m set for life! 🙂

    • yes to all of this! he’s starting to grow out the second batch of clothes… it’s a good reminder whenever I feel tempted to buy full-price stuff 🙂

  • MeandMySoldierMan

    He is such a doll! Oh, baby clothes. When Baby G was born we lived near a fantastic thrift shop and I got a TON of her early clothes, many N(ew) W(ith) T(ags) for pennies. Now I’m where we have to buy retail and it’s killing me! (I got her Easter dress at Walmart :))

    • thank you! you should check out the app + site I linked to… they are still maybe a little expensive for used stuff, but I think I’ve found some legitimately good deals on there 🙂