international adoption update: getting closer

As always, I’m not comfortable sharing specific details. But here’s what I can share + here are answers to many questions we’ve gotten recently:

We are finally seeing some positive movement toward processing adoptions in Theo + Elliot’s country. As far as we can tell, there are two more steps we’ll need to pass before we receive the approval to bring them into our home. These are new steps, though, so we’re uncertain of a timeline. This could happen very quickly or very slowly! And honestly, it still feels unreal. We’ve seen slow-downs enough that we’re cautious about this.

We are uncertain who — Dan, me, my mom, or a combination — will travel to pick up the boys. We want to still be mindful of the ongoing bonding that’s happening with Milo, and the little guy is too young to travel with us. We’re going to make this decision as best as we can with the information we have when the time comes. Story of our lives.

Theo and Elliot turned three years old in February. They have lived with the same foster parents since they were six months old, which means awesome things for their adjustment and attachments! They primarily speak French, and as far as we can tell, they know very little English.

They’ve had some recent bouts of malaria and typhoid, but as far as we know right now, they’re generally healthy. We will be taking them to an international adoption clinic and diving into several medical tests upon their arrival.

We plan to cocoon when they get here, and we’re excited about it. More about that soon!