Milo: months 4 + 5

The biggest change in the past two months is that this boy is much more active! He’s always kicking and flapping his arms and trying to grab things. He has started rolling… He first did it while swaddled and ended up face down and angry in his crib. We’ve since changed to a Swaddle Up 50/50, so we can transition to his arms being out. His little “flappers” seem to keep him from rolling quite as much. He frequently gets his legs stuck between the crib rails. He bats his arms around while we feed him bottles or scratches at the arm of the chair.

He has quiet moments, too, when he “talks” to the toys on his playmat and jumperoo. He seems to read books along with us, too. He loves being cradled and having conversations. I’m pretty certain he becomes more fun and even cuter each month. That’s gotta stop sometime right… Maybe when he’s two? 🙂

 Sleeps: We’re still using a lot of the principles found in Baby Whisperer and finally bought a copy after renewing the library’s a maximum number of times. (It’s really Babywise, without the cry-it-out stuff.) Milo has now dropped to two longer naps — one in the morning and one in the afternoon — and one short nap in the evening. We tried everything to get Milo to nap longer than 45 minutes again, and he is! What worked? Swaddling both arms! Apparently little bubs was coming out of the sleep cycle enough to startle himself awake with one arm swaddled out. He now naps between 1.5 to two hours or longer for the first two naps.

Though he consistently slept through the night from about two months old to four months old, he’s waking once a night again. (Though It’s possible we’ve been letting him nap too much during the day or he’s just hungry or it’s just a weird baby thing. Talking to other moms, I know we’ve got it good, so we’re putting on a smile for those new middle-of-the-night wake ups. 

Eats: We’ve transitioned from four ounces every three hours to five ounces every 3.5 to four hours. We give him a six ounce bottle at bedtime and for his “dream feed” before we go to bed to stock him up for the night, and he tolerates those well. During the day, he spits up a fair amount — possibly reflux — and we’ve found burping him in the middle of the bottle and sitting him up in his mamaRoo for a while after helps quite a bit.

We have received donated breast milk from three friends, and one friend is regularly pumping and donating frozen milk for us. This has helped with the spitting up, too! We usually do about half breast milk and half formula in Milo’s bottles. (This sweet friend recently told me she prays for us and our family when she’s pumping for Milo. We have such a sweet community here!)

We’ve gone back and forth on when to start solid food, wondering if it will help him sleep through the night again. Right now, we’re going to focus on feeding him bottles at regular intervals throughout the day. We’ll probably wait until six months for solids!   Likes: Most everything! He loves to be where the action is, so we frequently wear him or sit him in the Bumbo in the kitchen or dining room. He loves watching us and Oscar walk around. (See the cutest video in the world below!) He loves laying on the floor with us crouched above him talking to him. He still really likes the mamaRoo and playmat. He’s enjoying the jumperoo more, and he likes to babble at the little plastic bear on the front of it. He likes reading books, and I truly think Go, Dog! Go is his favorite. He likes taking baths and doesn’t mind his head being wet at all.

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Dislikes: We most recently discovered that he hates the loud blast of sound from the motion-sensored, super strong hand dryers in public places. We stopped at a gas station on our way home from Chicago, and Dan took him into the men’s room to change him. I heard Milo scream-cry both times someone used the hand dryer. Sorry, men in the gas station bathroom.

He’s still not a fan of tummy time, but it’s improving. He also seems to get frustrated when he can’t get something (like a big ball) into his mouth the chew on. He’s getting a lot better in the car, and getting his face wiped off doesn’t seem to bother him anymore.

Firsts: Skype with big brothers (!!), trip to the farmers’ market, lonnnnngggg road trip (to NYC), subway ride, boat ride

 Milestones: Much more steady when sitting with assistance, much more core strength, seeing way further (smiled at people smiling at him from across a restaurant!), trying to hold his bottle, arching his back, rolling from his back to his front all… the… time… and then crying until we flipping him over and doing it all over again

Stats at 4-month appointment:
Weight – 17 lbs 11 oz (93%)
Length – 26.25″ (90%)
Head – 42.5 cm (60%)
If you look at his 2-month stats, it’s apparent the previous nurse miscalculated. The ped told us not to worry about the seemingly shrinking head!

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  • I’m not sure I’ve ever met an infant who liked tummy time. 🙂 Sounds like he’s a happy, healthy little boy. He’s so blessed to have a mother who cares so much about him, and I’m sure you feel just as blessed to have him in your life. Thanks for sharing your journey–we can’t wait for ours to begin come September.