social media and my blog: it’s complicated

patterned cactus by maria hilas louie for mintedPatterned Cactus by Maria Hilas Louie

My relationship status with social media and my blog has changed from “in a serious relationship” to “it’s complicated.” I think.

I learned the idea of keeping what brings me joy from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and it hasn’t left my mind. I’ve started considering it in terms of all “things” in my life… not just objects in my home. I know my theory is flawed. I know I can’t only do, see, read, watch, eat, and use things that bring me joy. There’s a lot of necessary but mundane parts of my days that I can’t just give up on. But social media — or aspects of social media — has stopped bringing me joy. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the times I turn off and disconnect while we’ve been on little trips or I just needed a weekend to unwind. I unintentionally stopped reading blogs in Feedly — a blog reader where I receives updates from 400 blogs — on our last trip. When I realized, there were definitely a few I wanted to check in on. I evaluated those, and I realized they were blogs of people who write in a raw, stream-of-conciousness, these-are-stories-from-my-life sort of way. Not posts like 5 Uses for Baby Wipes or How to Style a Chambray Shirt. There is nothing wrong with these, of course. They’re just not my primary interest right now.

My Twitter feed has become a stream of advertisements and sponsored posts and promoted posts. My Instagram has become filled with loop giveaways and highly-styled shots. My Facebook has become an advertising platform for small businesses products I can’t usually afford.

So, in an effort to simplify and clear my mind and fill myself with joyful, uplifting things, I’m attempting to step back. Unfollowing people and businesses that just don’t do it anymore. Bookmarking a handful of blogs to check on once in a while. Getting excited about Snapchat, which is silly but possibly one of the social media platforms I’m enjoying the most. Writing here only when I really feel compelled to share a genuine glimpse into our lives and what I’m being taught. 

While not being enveloped in the time suck that is my social media usage, you’ll find me rediscovering a love for reading and devouring books. And getting excited again about one of my favorite (expensive) hobbies: film photography. I’ll be loving and enjoying my Milo and Dan. I’ll be trying to develop more in-person relationships with those we’ve grown to love in Indianapolis. You’ll find me working more hours interviewing and assessing potential foster and adoptive parents while sneaking work time in during Milo’s naps. I’ll be attempting to exercise and cook healthy meals which I’ve learned does, unfortunately, take a good amount of time. I’ll be trying my best to keep up with She Reads Truth. Oh, and you’ll find me on Snapchat as littlethingsbig. I’m seriously really into that lately.

This is where I am right now, and it may change. But it feels like a good choice right now. 

  • I’m doing the same thing – there are just certain things that I don’t want to waste my time on. And of course other things that I love to read and catch up on (such as your blog) 🙂

  • Funny, I’ve been doing the same thing these last few days and it’s wonderful how much more joy happens.

  • I just started that book and it is truly impacting so many areas of my life!