Milo: months 6 + 7

I started crying at Milo’s bedtime last night. Dan was holding him in the rocking chair while I saw sitting on the guest bed in his nursery. I had just put him in size 18 months pajamas (that have to run small!) and a new, bigger sleep sack. He looked so dang big sprawled out in Dan’s lap, and then he held his own bottle. And promptly dropped it. But, man, time is flying. I wish I had savored more of his tiny days. I wish I had cuddled him more and read to him more and taken more pictures of him. This is very normal, right?

11850557_10206404463968637_4519120709849263607_o A few little things I want to remember, because I’m afraid they’ll go away some day soon: He always sneezes twice in a row, and he almost always makes a sighing/murmuring sound after he sneezes. It’s the cutest. He gives a pretty stern and non-expressive face to strangers who talk to him, but the lucky ones get to see a smile cracked for a brief bit. He likes looking up at me while I walk around with him in a carrier. He’s discovered his hair, and he likes running his fingers through it when he’s tired.

He loves when I sing hymns in my old lady church voice, and it’s the easiest way to get him to smile on demand for pictures. He wakes up happy all the time. He strokes and chews on his blankie and rolls around and talks to himself sweetly. We frequently don’t know what time he woke up in the morning, because he’s so quiet when he does. He also talks to himself softly in the car after we’ve been out in some sort of social setting like Dan’s work events or church. I like to think he’s rehashing what he saw and did. Also, the big closed-mouth smile? My favorite.

11144972_10206261148025828_2226519688889182350_o Sleeps: We’ve had some ups and downs in this department the last couple months. Teething, travel, and sickness threw our little buddy off. Lots of 45-minute naps and multiple nighttime wake-ups. We seem to have turned a corner, though. He’s sleeping through the night again most nights, and he seems to be taking longer naps most days.

He’s a bit of a mess if he’s overtired, so we try like crazy to avoid that. He seems to enjoy his little naptime routine of putting on his sleep sack, turning on the sound machine, and being handed his blankie. He puts himself to sleep for naps and bedtime. We’ve managed that without any “crying it out,” and I’m really proud of that. I read a lot about awake time lengths in babies at different ages, and I’ve learned his sleepy signals. I may be a little too informed about baby sleep patterns right now, but we’re all happier with lots of sleep and no crying!

11893927_10206491578106436_1047064475483385800_o Eats: He drinks about six ounces of formula every four hours and has solids in between. He’s slowly tapering off how much he drinks as he eats more. We’ve done a mix of feeding him purees and letting him feed himself different foods. Letting him feed himself usually results in food in his hair and lots on the floor for Oscar to eat. He seems to like everything equally right now and doesn’t mind when we introduce new foods. He really likes warm rice cereal, and he’ll open wide for that over and over again.

Likes: I think Milo still likes just about everything. Seriously. He really likes water… He’s happy to kick and flap if we hold him in the pool, and he really likes laying on his back in the tub when it’s filled with very shallow water. He kicks his little legs and flaps his arms and talks to himself. He has never fussed in the water. I think he forgets any amount of tiredness or hunger or coldness he feels when he’s in there.

11960007_10206541288909175_5435603693119291175_nHe loves being outside. Walks are still way fun for him, and he’s happy to chew on the straps of the stroller harness the whole time. He’s started trying to grab at Oscar’s leash to help us walk him. Really, he seems to enjoy new experiences and new places. It’s fun to push him in the stroller or carry him in the carrier and watch him take it all in.

He’s a pretty loud guy when he’s comfortable at home. He yells a lot and screeches (though that has diminished, thankfully). He’s making sounds that sound much more like words lately. He also likes to make fart noises with his mouth. (“Blow raspberries” is the nice way to say that, huh?)

Dislikes: Having the sun directly in his eyes, being put down for a nap too early, waiting for us to make a bottle when he’s hungry, getting knocked over by Oscar while trying to sit up. That’s really all there is!

Firsts: Film festival (ha!), solid foods, swinging at the park, baseball game with friends, swimming in a pool, swimming in a lake, and first overnight away from us.


Milestones: TEETH! Two little teeth. One popped through and the second popped out about two days later. Finally rolling both ways. Mostly sitting up without assistance. He topples over often, but he doesn’t mind it. He’s start to trying to get up on his knees, but so far just lots of floor swimming.

Milo’s adoption was also finalized shortly before his 7-month birthday! I’m still trying to wrap my head around all that his adoption finalization means to us. I want to right about it. Soon!

Stats (at his 6-month appointment):
Weight — 21 lbs 6 oz (94th percentile)
Length — 29 in (98th percentile)
Head — 44.5 cm (68th percentile)

  • He is getting so big!!

  • Caroline Thorsbakken

    I just packed away Kira’s 9 month clothes and felt the same way. Milo is so cute!

  • Sweet sweet child! Time sure does fly 🙂