Milo: months 8, 9 + 10

Time is really flying now. I can’t quite remember what he did when, and I forgot to do this post a month ago, so we’re lumping it all together! We used to call Milo Screecher Creature, but he’s now transitioned to Reacher Creature. He will nab anything within his reach especially if it isn’t a toy. Favorites to grab: Glasses of water, high chair tray, bib, food in bowl, cell phone, and hanger.

He’s sleeping really well again, and we’re feeling so refreshed! It’s been a long time since he last woke up in the night. Most days, he takes two 1.5-hour naps. Some days are weird and his naps are a little irregular, but we just roll with it.

Bedtime has been a bit of a struggle in the past month or two. We were constantly missing his window of tiredness and frequently unintentionally pushing him to the point of being overtired. It’s so hard to believe that putting him to bed earlier might truly make him wake up later… but it’s true. We’ve had a string of good nights lately, so here’s hoping the weeks of finally getting him to sleep only when we’re also exhausted are over.

Sweet boy still loves his sound machine, sleep sack, and blankie. He likes chewing on it, so it’s often damp and frequently being washed. He wakes up happy every day, and we sometimes have no idea how long he’s been awake because he’s talking happily in his crib by the time we notice. Other days we’re very aware of when he woke up, because he likes thumping his foot on the crib, which is just on the other side of the wall. We call him Thumper.

In the last two months, we’ve found our groove with solids and bottles. He has a bottle when he gets up, after both naps, and before bed. We do solids three times a day after he wakes up, after his first nap, and after his second nap. We most frequently do purees with oatmeal mixed in, but we do a good number of finger foods, too. Usually fruit for breakfast, veggies for lunch, and meat for dinner.

He still likes everything we’ve tried, though he definitely likes some things more than others. Cheese, chicken, and crackers seem to be his favorites. And they’re mine, too, ya know?

Rolling, rolling, rolling. He’s not crawling, but he is proficient at rolling to all corners of the house. He also loves finding any bit of dust, dog hair, or leaf particle to put in his mouth. There may have been an incident in which Oscar chewed up a stuffed toy and Milo later rechewed parts of the stuffed toy we missed with the vacuum.

Milo still loves being outside and in new places. In Target, he leans back in the cart to look at the lights on the ceiling, sits up to stare at people, and cranes his neck to see the TVs.

Dislikes: He still does not like the sun in his eyes, especially if he’s trying to sleep in the car. On a recent hour-long drive, he thrashed around until we opened an umbrella in the car to block the area where the sun was coming in. He doesn’t like getting stuck in spots he can’t roll out of, and he really doesn’t like getting his mouth cleaned out when we know he’s got a non-food something in there.

In the last three months, he experienced his first trip to the apple orchard, first trip to the pumpkin patch, first trip to the zoo, first taste of a French fry, first real owie, first time petting a cat, and first trip to his paternal grandparents’ house.

Milestones: So many changes in the past three months! He has eight total teeth, with six of them coming in all at the same time. He’s sitting all the time, rolling all over, getting up on his knees, and reaching for everything. His first word was “Mama” and his second word is “Oskie,” our nickname for Oscar. Still working on “Papa!” He claps on command pretty often.

(at his 9-month appointment):
Weight — 25 lbs 13 oz (97th percentile)
Length — 32 in (99th percentile)
Head — 46.5 cm (80th percentile)