baby gear I’ve loved

I can’t stand the “Must Have Baby _____” articles. There are so few things you “must have” for a baby. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

Here we are almost a year in, and there have been a few baby items I’ve really loved having for Milo. We’ve gotten the most use out of these things, and though in some instances they’re a little pricey, I think they are worth it. I’m going to miss the little baby stage and all the gear it requires, but I’m looking forward to toddler life, too.

4moms mamaRooThe most relaxing, well-designed baby swing I’ve seen. Milo was happy in it for long periods of time, and it helped tremendously with is reflux to sit him up in it after each bottle. We went through a weird series of wake-up-screaming-after-falling-asleep-for-the-night sessions, and this swing was the only thing that seemed to relax him to the point we could help him fall back asleep for the night. We were definitely putting him in it past the weight limit… Don’t tell anyone.

Zutano bootiesBuy a color that goes with everything, and these might be the only shoes you need for a baby. They are warm and machine-washable and Milo can’t pull them off in the car. That’s all we’ve needed so far. And they make him look like a little elf! I like that feature.

Baby Brezza Formula ProPerhaps one of the hardest purchases to justify, but a life-saver in the middle of the night. Dan calls this our “formula Keurig.” It really is. Push the bottom and it mixes the formula and dispenses it at the perfect temperature. Besides middle of the night bottle-making, it’s been good for juggling a starving baby in one arm and getting the bottle ready as soon as possible with the other. The little guy is not very patient when he’s hungry. As we transition to whole milk, it’s going to be a bit sad to see this go.

Halo sleep sacks and swaddlesThough there are lots of options, we’ve used these the most. We used a fleece swaddle early on. He slept well in it, and we liked that we could swaddle one arm in and one arm out so he could suck on his hand. Since we’ve transitioned away from being swaddled, he’s only ever used the sleep sacks. Fleece and cotton. Simple and affordable and especially easy to find in resale shops and groups.