milo: months 11 + 12

Ah, yes, the one-year mark. It came and left without a ton of fanfare for us. It’s been quick, it’s been slow, it’s been hard, it’s been easy.

We had a little birthday party with our immediate families. I forgot to buy him gifts until the day of his birthday. Pictures will come.

For now, we are loving life as parents. We talk almost very night after he’s in bed about the cute, funny, and sometimes annoying things he did during the day.

 Sleeps: Milo has slept through the night for several months now. Praise hands! We didn’t realize until recent trips with him sleeping in our room that he does stir around in the night quite a bit. He seems to babble in his sleep and sometimes cries or laughs a little bit. Bedtime varies between 7:30 to 9p, depending on what we’ve got going on. He can usually hang pretty late, but once home, he cries quite a bit if we try to put him down for bedtime and he’s overtired. He gets up between 7 and 8a each day.

He’s taking two naps. One nap is almost always 1.5 hours, and the second one keeps getting shorter. He just doesn’t need the sleep or he’s waking up hungry. Hunger is a good possibility, because the guy is always hungry.

Eats: He’s all about the adult food and self-feeding, though we still do food pouches in a pinch. He loves everything. If he seems to be getting bored with something we give him a lot, we reintroduce it after a bit, and he’s into it again. Examples: Cheerios and turkey. Some of his favorites are blueberries, cheese, Puffs, and yogurt melts.

We transitioned to whole milk a bit after his first birthday, but we’re suspicious of a mild lactose intolerance. We’re gauging that and might transition to lactose-free milk later. Milo drinks about eight ounces in the morning and night and two six-ounce bottles during the day.

Likes: He still really likes most things. He especially likes walks in the stroller, short car rides, outings, food, stuffed animals, and touch-and-feel books. He loves the water and has discovered open toilets in the last few days. He likes climbing whatever he can — the fireplace hearth, a few steps, cupboards, and the bottom shelf of our living room side table.

Dislikes: He does not like getting his face wiped off. He does not like having to wait for food to be prepared or bottles to be made. He doesn’t like sleeping in the car, which means long car rides are not enjoyable. He doesn’t like getting stuck somewhere he’s climbed without a way to easily get out.

Firsts: Milo experienced his first Thanksgiving and Christmas! He went with us to pick out a Christmas tree on a very cold, wet day. He attempted to open Christmas and birthday presents for the first time. He played in the snow and loved it. He also met lots of relatives for the first time over the holidays.

Milestones: The trend continues… Milo will seem far from being able to do something, and then suddenly, he just does it. He quickly learned to sit up from a laying position, pull up on his knees, and pull up to standing. He started crawling finally right after Christmas, and he now crawls so fast he sometimes face-plants. He doesn’t seem too close to walking yet, but if this trend continues, that will catch us off guard, too.

He reliably says “Oscar” and “uh oh,” which are two words we didn’t try to teach him. He less reliably says “mama” and “papa,” which are the two words we’ve tried hard to teach him. We’re working on “bye bye.” He claps and does “so big” like a champ, often when we don’t even request it.

He tasted dog food for the first time recently. I tried to sweep it out of his mouth, but it had been in there longer than I thought and was already pretty mushy. I gagged, and he clapped.

I hope to share some thoughts on this first year of parenthood as we approach one year since he was placed with us. But I need time to sit down to do that, and right now with the climbing and toilet playing, that time is limited.

  • He looks so full of joy in all of your photos-love his facial expressions!

  • My goodness, he’s a cutie! Time certainly is flying by.

  • Not for us yet… Keep praying, please!