a first birthday party

We kept Milo’s first birthday party very simple and sweet. Because we did a bigger party for his adoption finalization, we decided to stick with our immediate families for this gathering.




I did a little woodland theme, inspired by the stuffed owl he had had his picture taken with every month. I used Paperless Post to make the invitation. I saved the image and emailed it to our families, so it cost nothing!


milos birthday invitation  copy


I didn’t buy anything but a huge balloon and $4 banner for his high chair. I knew the banner would probably get cake on it… and it did! We borrowed a high chair from a good friend.




I made a balloon garland for the fireplace mantle, and I decorated with a few of our woodsy Christmas decorations. 

I forgot to get him gifts until the morning before his party — the morning of his actual birthday — when I had to drive a 40-minute round trip to find somewhere that would fill the balloon! I said I’d never do a big balloon again after that, but it looked so cool, I think I might. 

Dan made Smitten Kitchen’s s’mores cake, and we made some super simple camping-themed food for lunch.




I didn’t know if I’d be a big kid party mom or not. After hosting two sweet but simple parties for Milo, I’m pretty sure this is the way I want to go. I like the challenge of using what we already have in our home, and it has been enjoyable to really get to talk with the small number of people who come to celebrate.