I think it’s time

“Dan!” I yelled from downstairs. “Dan! I think we just got the email.” I ran upstairs, getting teary.

“What do you mean? What email?”

“Dan, I think they’re coming home. I think it’s time for them to come home!” 

We read the email once, then twice. I forwarded it to our adoption worker, adding all I could think to add: “!!!!!!! What does this mean?!”

“You’re approved!!!!!!!!!!” She replied. We read it a third time, while she called to explain some more and congratulate us.

We said “yes” to twin 6-month-old boys three years and five months ago. We said “yes” to everything adoption would bring a few months before that.

It has been hard. (And I see now that I rather unintentionally stopped writing about it. Apologies!) There have been months when I pushed it as far from my mind as I could. There have been months I was certain I could not do it anymore. Those feelings were even getting stirred up as recently as a month ago.

We have seen ways to get out of the pain of the wait, and we said “no” to them. We told God that we believed He was transforming us, we believed He wasn’t done, and we believed He would complete this. 

I have prayed for years now: “Lord, I trust You.  I know You have our best interests in mind.” I did not believe it when I started. I do believe it now. 

And I’m going to keep on praying it. They are not in our home yet. There are still hurdles to cross. But it’s looking better than it has in three years. And you’ll find me shouting from the rooftops when it happens. This has not been of my doing. It has been my God!


  • Ashley Smith


  • Margaret

    !!! I am hoping with you.

  • How wonderful!!

  • Karey

    Praying alongside you!!! This is great news! Blessings!

  • This is amazing news! Praise the Lord!

  • Dannielle Christie

    Oh I had a tear! I have been reading since you announced that there were 2 instead of one. How exciting for you all

  • Jenni and Patrick Hunt

    I have been praying for your family by name since I heard that families have been getting approvals. Will continue to pray until they have come home.